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Since our inception in 2018 we have seen the employment landscape change drastically and have responded to meet these demands. 

We partner with start-up and scale organisations on a fixed fee recruitment model to allow you the cost control that you require.


This not only saves you '000's of £ and $ but also the piece of mind that your recruitment is being handled by a highly experienced professional that has your best interests at heart.

Meeting Room Business

Fixed fee recruitment 

Recruitment outsourcing and agencies have long had a negative stigma attached, be it an ineffective cost model or poor service levels. Couple this with the growing expense of an internal recruitment and talent team and your budget starts to disappear very quickly. 

How we compare and how so much cheaper?

The honest answer is that recruitment need not be expensive.

We are an independent business so we don't have huge overheads to cover or investors to maintain. This allows us to work at a fair rate that wont hinder your growth.

Great service at a great price! 

What to expect

when working with Amber People HR

Cost reduction for multiple roles briefed at the same time

Protected if for any reason your hire doesn't workout

Reduce your cost per hire

Variable payment options to help manage cashflow

Agreeing your requirements before commencing to guarantee the best possible results

Your requirement will be handled by an expert recruitment professional with a minimum of 10 years and multiple sector experience

We use search methodologies to attract and engage with the passive and reactive job market

All candidates are taken through a full competency based process to so you only interview the best

Take a recruitment holiday, if once you have started the hiring but need to put it on hold.

We will take care of all the time consuming candidate and interview management


Selection of our new and open recruitment projects that we are currently working

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